Make better food choices

The Future Of Food.

Nutritious, Convenient & Affordable meal replacement for everyone.

To be at our very best, we have to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition. Needless to say, it is rather difficult to achieve with our busy schedules, meetings and endless traffic. We're lucky to even fit in a meal.

Until now.

Urban Fuod provides the perfect amount of proteins, essential fats, carbohydrates, fibers, probiotics, super greens & all essential vitamins & minerals.


With Urban Fuod you have total control of your meal & energy intake. Made with real food and it keeps you feeling full and provides all the essential nutrients you need. Ideal when you don't have the time, desire or opportunity to cook.

We started Urban Fuod to offer convenient nutrition to combat food insecurity with Nutritionally Complete Meals. Say goodbye to skipping meals and unhealthy food choices.

The Future of Food

Nutritionally Complete Meal

  • Complete Plant-Based

  • 154 Health Benefits

  • 100% Vegan

  • High in Protein (Oats & Soy)

  • Rich in Omega 3 & 6 

  • All 26 Vitamins & Minerals

  • Pre & Probiotics

  • Complex Dietary Fiber

  • Low Sugar

  • Low Glycemic Index (GI)

  • Low Carbon Footprint

  • Non-GMO

  • Non-Animal Product

  • Halal Certified Facility

Complete Nutrition

Save Time


Save Money

100% Vegan

Zero Food Waste

Benefits of Urban Fuod

You get to save your time & money, with little to no effort.

  • Under RM40 every day 

  • No delivery costs over RM200 

  • No regular shopping 

  • No cooking and cleaning 

  • No commuting

  • No queuing

  • No food waste

  • More time for YOU

All the essential nutrients

154 Health Benefits

  • Brain function

  • Metabolism

  • Muscle & bone health

  • Immunity & blood formation

  • Healthy skin & muscle growth

  • Healthy hair & nails

  • Healthy teeth & gums

  • Heart health

  • Vision

  • Weight Loss

We know you've been busy and might have skipped a meal or two. Now you wouldn't have to.

Balanced nutritional profile

Nutritionally complete 
meal for the 21st-century

  • Handpicked world-class ingredients

  • Industry-driving in food scientific methodology

  • Best of design and engineering team

  • Manufactured in GMP & Halal-Certified Facility

  • Complete RNI by Ministry of Health, Malaysia

  • Intended for genuine living

When to drink Urban Fuod?

Anywhere, anytime

  • Commuting to work, over-time at the office

  • Rushing for that proposal

  • When you're traveling, training, hiking, post-workout

  • Student meal deals

  • LAN gaming parties with friends

  • Days when you're out of groceries

  • Whenever your hunger desires

Backed by science

Scientific method

  • Halal Certified Facility

  • GMP Certified Facility

  • 3rd-party Laboratory Analysed

  • Fully Lab-tested

Unlimited modification

Express your creativity 
with Urban Fuod Powder

  • Nutritionally complete bread, cookies, pancake, 
    ice-cream, noodles etc.. 

  • you can drink it, bake it, blend it, you name it 

We care

Fortifies a better future

  • Less waste & energy utilization than conventional food

  • Lower environmental impact

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Sustainable food source

  • Be part of the ethical food movement

Affordable Nutritionally

Complete Meal.

We manage the production of Urban Fuod to ensure

the finest nutrition gets delivered to you. We want you to pay for the essential nutrition that your body needs, instead of unhealthy food choices. Not to forget the additional cost on the high food prices.

We are on a mission to make nutritionally complete meal to be convenient and affordable to everyone.


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