Why Urban Fuod?

Everything your body needs in 1 meal

The perfect meal for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Have you ever skipped breakfast because you were pressed for time? Have you chosen an unhealthy meal out of inconvenience? If so, Urban Fuod can help.

We combined all the essential nutrients of a well-balanced meal into one delicious shake. A complete meal that has everything you need and nothing you don't. Made from natural wholefood ingredients.  Simply add water and mix to make a delicious drinkable meal that will keep you full for hours, anywhere and at any time.

Balanced meal

26 vitamins & minerals, at least 34g protein, contains super greens, dietary fiber, pre & probiotics, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

Always ready to drink

Sometimes you are busy and have no time to eat or even think about food. With Urban Fuod you will always have a healthy meal on hand that will be ready in 2 minutes.

Incredible taste

Healthy and nutritious with no compromise on taste.

Easily digested 

Lactose free and high in fiber. Your gut will thank you.

Keeps you full without
feeling sluggish

Keeps you full for 3-4 hours with a feel good factor for your body. 

Zero food waste

With naturally long shelf life, our products can be stored for up to 16 month, helping us reduce food waste on a daily basis

Complete Food

Essential nutrients

26 Vitamins & minerals

4 Types of protein

The most complete, nutrient-dense meal replacement. Keeps you full up to 3-4 hours, no matter how busy or time-pressed. Requires no refrigeration. Nutritious and delicious meal! 100% taste!


No cooking

No dishwashing

No grocery hassle

It's as simple as 2 minutes to experience Urban Fuod. For powder, just mix it with water. Simply screw off the cap and add water for ready-to-mix meals.

Mind-Blowing Taste 

5 Amazing flavours

Tweaked to perfection 

Smooth and incredible viscosity

Urban Fuod tastes slightly oaty, rich and gently sweet, great balance between taste and nourishing meal!


Shipping throughout Malaysia and Singapore

30 days money back guarantee

Proactive customer service

We'll ship throughout Malaysia and Singapore. Free Shipping Guarantee for orders over RM270 within West Malaysia!

Backed By

GMP & Halal Certified Production

Meets your Daily Recommended Nutritional Intake (RNI)   


Laboratory analysis, clinical product testing, and understanding of the human body's nutritional needs are the foundation of this functional food.

Fortifies a better future 

Sustainable food source

Less food wasted

Reduced carbon footprint

Energy consumption is lower than conventional food. Join us for the ethical food movement.

Affordable meals

Even in the most busy circumstances, our bodies need enough nourishment to function properly, and they deserve nothing less. We promise that you will have access to high-quality nutrition without breaking the bank, and that Urban Fuod will provide your body all the essential nutrients necessary in a convenient and affordable meal.

Less than RM40 every day

No regular grocery shopping

No waiting & commuting

No cooking or cleaning

No unnecessary charges

Not to mention the extra costs and hefty meal expenses involved with dining out or food delivery. 

Over 30k meals sold.

There are many situations in which Urban Fuod is the perfect choice. Whether for breakfast or lunch. At work, in the car or when you're out and about.

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What people say

All important nutrients in one meal

A 400kcal meal of Urban Fuod Powder contains a balanced macronutrients split of 38:33:30:3 (Carbs, Protein, Fat, Fiber) plus all 26 essential vitamins & minerals your body needs to thrive. This ratio is in line with the RNI recommendations and latest clinical studies in nutrition.

​Urban Fuod Powder includes probiotics from Inulin and green superfoods from moringa, spinach, wheatgrass, as well as MCT-Oil from coconut.

New & Improved
V1.2 Formula

  • 32 essential nutrients
  • 4 types of protein (Oat, Pea, Soy, Brown Rice)
  • 4 types of healthy fats (Coconut, Flaxseed, Soy, Oat)
  • 6 types of fiber (Oat, Inulin, Barley, Apple, Soy, Pea)
  • All 26 essential vitamins & minerals
  • Rich in omega-3 & 6
  • Pre & Probiotics
  • Complete spectrum of amino acids
  • Low glycemic index 
  • Non-GMO
  • Smooth texture

32 Essential Nutrients

Essential nutrients are those that our bodies cannot create on their own, and which are indispensable to proper bodily function and metabolism.

They must be consumed in proper amounts every day through food. Urban Fuod contains 32 essential nutrients in the perfect amounts.

4 Types of Protein

The unique combination of proteins in Urban Fuod supports the growth and regeneration of muscles. One serving of  Urban Fuod Powder delivers 34g while one bottle of Urban Fuod Ready-To-Mix delivers 17g. Both contain all essential amino acids in balanced proportions. This protein comes from 4 different sources: peas, soy, oats and brown rice.

4 Types of Healthy Fats

Among other things, the fats in Urban Fuod help regulate cholesterol and supply quick energy to the body and brain. Our drinks and powders contain a mixture of MCT-oils from coconut (rich in DHA and EPA omega-3 & 6), flaxseed, and oats, plus phospholipids from soy lecithin. These oils are also a source of important fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin E, phytosterols, and lutein.

6 Types of Fiber /

The fibre in Urban Fuod supports the growth and function of friendly intestinal bacteria. One serving of our powder delivers 5g while one bottle of our Ready-To-Mix delivers 2.5g. In Urban Fuod Powder, this is a mixture of oat fiber with beta-glucans, soluble chicory fiber (also known as inulin), barley fiber, apple fiber, pea fiber, and soy fiber. 

4 Types of
Super Greens 

Our blend of nutrient-dense greens super-food from spinach, wheatgrass, flaxseed and moringa provides a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, anti-inflammation benefits for overall health. 

14 Essential Vitamins

In the human body, vitamins function as biocatalysts and antioxidants. They play a role in the metabolism of protein, fat, and carbs, as well as the reabsorption of minerals.

Mana, thanks to its complete spectrum of 14 essential vitamins, is a perfectly balanced multivitamin in unconventional form. These vitamins are:vitamin A, vitamin B12 (which animal-free diets often lack), 7 other B-group vitamins, and vitamins C, D2, E, K1, and K2.

13 Essential Minerals

Minerals are vital for optimal performance of the human body. They play a key role in metabolism, tissue construction, brain function, muscle activity, and so much more.

Our Formula V1.2 recipe delivers 13 essential minerals and trace elements that your body needs for optimal performance, as well as new, chelated forms of magnesium (magnesium lactate), potassium (potassium citrate), and zinc (zinc gluconate), which are even more soluble.

Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Urban Fuod has a low glycemic index level rate, this means that carbohydrate is digested and absorbed slowly with no sugar level spike. This helps a slow and steady rise in blood glucose in a controlled and
regulated way, for a long and sustain release of energy.

Low-GI foods greatly reduce the risk of diseases like obesity and diabetes.