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essential nutrients your body needs

Designed for those who defy limits and hustle through this pandemic storm. This one's for you. The new Urban Fuod is by far the most powerful Nutritionally Complete Meal we've ever made. With the most complete amino acid profile of 34g Plant-Powered Proteins in each serving, super-steady 400kcal sustainable energy released (Low GI), excellent fuel of Omega-3 & 6 for brain and body, the healthiest Green Superfood blend, soluble & insoluble Fiber in synergy with Probiotic for healthy gut & digestive system and all 26 essential Vitamins & Minerals, jam-packed into an All-In-One delicious Complete Meal. Urban Fuod is the ultimate meal replacement for the ultimate hustler.

34g Plant-Powered Protein

The most complete amino acid profile for every muscle growth.

39g Complex Carbohydrates

Delivers 3-4 hours of sustainable steady energy (Low GIycemic Index), 100% satisfaction of hunger & appetite.

10g Essential Fats

with Omega 3 & Omega 6 creates an excellent fuel for brain & body.

Super Greens

for antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, anti inflammation benefits for overall health 

5g Fibers/ 1.2g Pre-Probiotics

soluble & insoluble fiber in synergy with probiotic to support healthy gut microbiome & digestive system.

All 26 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Everything the body needs.

So what goes in your next meal?

Starting from just RM8.12 per meal

All-In-One Complete Meal at an incredible price


More energy,
More free time

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Your next meal
is not just a meal.

One meal away to your goals. All-In-One.


The possibilities are endless.

Formula v1.0  |  Powdered Food

Urban Fuod™ Powder

From RM75.00

Plant-based protein, carbohydrates, fibers, essential fats, super greens, probiotics, and all 26 essential vitamins & minerals. All-in-one meal replacement, perfect when you don't have time, desire or opportunity to cook.

34g Plant Protein (Pea, Oats, Rice, & Soy)

26 All Vitamins & Minerals

Rich in Omega 3 & 6

Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Nutritional Facts:

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Saves You Time, Money &
Quality Effort 

Wherever or whenever hunger desires, Urban Fuod is the easiest
way to eat right without cooking, washing & waiting. 

When to drink?



#Commuting to work   #Over-time at the office 

#Rushing for that proposal   #When you're traveling 

#Hiking   #Training   #Pre or Post-Workout

#Adding to your smoothies

#Days when out of groceries 

Easy & Simple Preparation

Less than 1 minute

meal. Done.

Mix 2 Big Urban Fuod scoops or 5 heaped tablespoons with 500 ml of water in a sealed shaker bottle or blender and you've got a complete, 400-calorie meal.

= 400kcal

2 Big Heaping

Scoops (100g)

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Add 500ml 
of water
( Cold )



add x2 big heaping
scoops of
powder (100g)

MIXTURE - how to drink guide-03.jpg


Shake Well for
10 seconds,

Mins to prep-01.jpg
There’s an Urban Fuod Meal for everyone.
Choose your convenient meal from our series. Or turn any of your favorite dish into a powerhouse superfood
with Urban Fuod Powder



Just the

perfect amount

of everything.

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