Handpicked by science

We make The Future Of Food from Plants

Together with food scientists, we carefully chose only the finest ingredients from natural whole foods. As a result? Unmatched delectability in a balanced, nutritious meal that meets all of your daily nutritional requirements. Plus, keeps you satisfied and full for 3-4 hours, is incredibly delicious, nourishing, and convenient.

Nutritionally Complete

34g Plant Protein

Omega 3 & 6

All 26 Vitamins & Minerals


Low Glycemic Index

100% Vegan

Complex Carbohydrates

Prebiotics & Probiotics

No Added Sugar

Healthy Fats

High in Fiber

Super Greens

Animal Free

Zero Food Waste

Fibers / Pre-Probiotics

Pea Fiber, Oat Fiber, Apple Fiber, Chicory Roots, Barley, Healthy Live Culture

Urban Fuod Formula version 1.2 is made with soluble & insoluble fiber in synergy with probiotic-containing active strains (>2 Billion CFUs) to support healthy gut microbiome & overall health of our digestive system.