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Meals that help you save time

When to Drink Urban Fuod?

Anytime. Anywhere.

Our complete meal comes in powder form that can be mixed with water or milk for a delicious functional meal. All you have to do is add water and shake for a drinkable meal that will keep you full for hours. Urban Fuod provides an easy, real-food meal to help you eat optimally on your busiest days —or anytime you need a fast, healthy meal.

Urban Fuod Ready-To-Mix

Just open, add water, shake & drink!

It's the utmost in ease when it comes to Urban Fuod. Give it a quick shake when you feel hungry, open up, and enjoy a 200 kcal meal. That is all there is to it! Put it in your bag and head out the door. Caution: This may result in an excessive amount of free time :)

Urban Fuod Powder

1 Minute and done!

In a sealed shaker or blender, add 4 Urban Fuod scoops (100g) or 6 heaping tablespoons (100g) with 500 ml of water to make a full, 400-calorie meal. Add more for an insatiable appetite; less for small food cravings or if you're going to the gym often and wish to shed a few pounds of weight.

Urban's Future of Food.

Urban Fuod's complete meal replacement is simple. Made from plants. With no GMOs. No synthetically produced ingredients. No added sugar. No hormones.  There are no antibiotics. No cholesterol. There is no animal product. Zero food waste. We believe it's the future of food.

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